/KripstR Auto-Records Your Favorite TV Show When You Doze Off in Between
kripstR auto-records

KripstR Auto-Records Your Favorite TV Show When You Doze Off in Between

How often does it happen to all of us that we sit to watch our favorite program, but due to our long tiring day and heavy meal, we doze off in between and then wake up realizing we have reached the climax! Quiet very often, isn’t it? But, two smart teen techies have developed an amazing device to solve this problem of ours. Now, nap without fear in between your TV show because an intelligent device will record the program for you. KipstR is a wristband built by two extremely brilliant British kids -Ryan Oliver, 15 and Jonathan Kingsley, 14.

This device can pause and record your TV show just the way a remote control does. But, what is special about this wrist band is that it doesn’t need any manual control. KipstR has sensors that can detect when a person is falling asleep and automatically record the ongoing program so that when you wake up you can continue from where you lost. Now, that’s a little too much of innovation for such small kids!

kripstR auto-records

The pair of genius kids has used pulse-oximeter in the device to monitor the heart rate of the wearer during the time they watch television. When the wearer falls asleep, the heart rate drops; the spark core chip immediately detects the fall in the heart rate and communicates it to the TiVO box that starts recording the program from thereon. So, when you unintentionally fall asleep, you program is getting recorded from the moment you lost track. KipsrR can also be programmed to trigger the show from the same spot where the viewer slept, once the wearer wakes up.

This amazing piece of technology is powered by small sized lithium polymer battery. The strap of the wristband is 3D printed in Polyjet resin by using an Objet Connex printer that facilitates 3D printing. The reason why Polyjet was used is because it is more robust compared to the rigid plastics used in most 3D printers.

These students of Manchester Creative studio received full support from Virgin Media to develop KripstR. Virgin Media is the same company that has given TiVo to us.

The creative duo is planning to run a trial of their device this Christmas. They will also experiment on other internet-connected gadgets present at home, which can possibly use the sleep detector device for other useful purposes that can save time, money, and power.