/4 Advanced Body Building Workout Routines
bodybuilding workouts

4 Advanced Body Building Workout Routines

Advanced bodybuilding workouts are recommended for experienced lifters, with more than one year of experience.

The Idea behind the Workout Plan

It is designed to destroy each muscle group over the weekdays; suppose, for Monday, you hit arms, Tuesday for shoulders, Wed for Legs, Thurs for back, and Fri for chest. At the end of each daily workout, do one of the abdominal exercises. In order to get maximum benefit, you’ll have to vary it up a bit and it can be done by super setting your exercise. Set an isolation and compound exercise each day of every 3rd week to see better results. Use this advanced technique for two to three months and then change it up to something big.

bodybuilding workouts

Following the Expert Recommendations

The bodybuilding blog guides you in a great way along with personal experiences of contributors that will help you to learn the problems, if the right step is not followed. There is also information about solutions to avoid such harm. Dumbbell raises can be super settled with upright rows and this workout focuses on enhancing each part of your major muscle structure, like shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, calves, hamstrings, forearm, quadriceps, abdominals, and calves.

Dumbbell Exercises

Choose a pair of dumbbells, which you can hold overhead for about 8 to 10 times. Follow any of the below mentioned exercise in succession with no break between moves, not even putting the dumbbells down.

bodybuilding workouts

  1. Stand holding them at your sides and step ahead until your front thigh is kept parallel to the floor. Now, bring back the leg and repeat with the opposite side. Continue this travelling lunge exercise for 6 to 8 times to build lower body.
  2. Keep your arms straight in pushup position and place your hands on the dumbbells; pull one hand holding dumbbells up until your elbow is above your back. Do not stress too much, if you fail to move back. Do 4 to 6 reps with both arms to build core, back, and of course arms.
  3. Squat holding dumbbells in hands until they touch floor and support your load with your arms as you push back both legs. Reverse the move immediately and get back to the squat position and then get up and continue for 8 to 10 times to build legs and core.
  4. Hold the dumbbells in standing position up to your law level and take them up overhead as you step forward and bring them down as you keep back leg forward. Repeat alternate steps and with the other leg around 6 to 8 times to muscle up shoulders.

So, if you’ve been hitting the gym hard for more than a year already, it’s time to go a step ahead, and reignite the big muscles.